The Frustration-Free Way to File Your Trademark Application
– Without a Lawyer (or the headache) In Just 7 Days

Alright, let’s be honest:

That “trademark my business name/logo” goal you’ve had on your list of goals for the past few months has been sitting there collecting virtual dust.

You know it’s time to stop sleeping on your brand and protect it.

After all, you’re bringing in sales. Your revenue is increasing. Word’s getting out about your products and services.

You’re ready to slap that beautiful ® sign on your brand name, logo, and slogan and protect what’s yours.

So, you do what you’ve always done. Google “how to file a trademark application.”

Except it’s not as easy as it looks.

You’ve spent hours on end of your precious time (time you could be spending landing more clients, getting more sales, or sitting back collecting passive income from your intellectual property) scrolling through page by page to get an in-depth view of the entire process…

…Only to get to the application part and still feel overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated.

Should I use the TEAS Plus or TEAS Standard application?
How do I pick the right specimen?
What the heck does this question even mean?
The United States Patent and Trademark Office search didn’t show any related trademarks, so my trademark should be available…right?

You’ve got more questions than you’ve got answers, and you still don’t have the budget to hire a lawyer for hundreds of dollars per hour.

The good news is I’ve demystified the trademark process for you so you can file your own trademark application with ease and confidence.

Here’s how:


BRANDISH: DIY Your Trademark Application

BRANDISH is an online, self-paced course for online entrepreneurs who want to DIY their trademark registration the RIGHT way

Without long nights cuddling up with Google and Youtube, relying on LegalZoom’s not-so-great service, or ponying up $$$ for an attorney.

Inside the course, you get a frustration-free bundle of everything you need to file your trademark application on your own, without a lawyer.


Now, I know what you’re thinking:

Can’t I Just Pay An Online Legal Service to Do It For Me? 

You could, but the truth is, those online legal one-stop shops aren’t lawyers. And you’re not paying them to be. They’re not going to tell you if something is wrong with your application or your trademark.

Really, you’re paying them so you can fill out their questionnaire, which they use to complete the application for you.

They don’t tell you what to expect, what to do if your trademark is refused, or how to maintain your rights afterward.

Your intellectual property – your blood sweat and tears – is worth more effort than that.

You worked your butt off for your brand. You need someone who understands the kind of hard work you put in, so they can put that same level of hard work into securing your brand.

That’s why hiring a lawyer is your best bet for successfully registering your trademark.

Your second-best – and less expensive – bet? Hiring a lawyer to teach you how to do it on your own.

(Hint: it’s WAYYY cheaper than hiring one to do it for you.)

After all, when you give a person a fish, she’ll eat for a day. But teach a person to fish, and she’ll eat for a lifetime.

BRANDISH gives you the legal skills and knowledge you need to file your own trademark application – whether it’s one, two, or thirty – for a lifetime.

Now, I don’t know about you – but that kind of knowledge is just as priceless as your intellectual property.

Here’s why you can rely on me to teach you how to protect your brand for a lifetime:


I’m Aiden Durham, trademark and intellectual property lawyer. Online business owners come to me to protect their brands and everything they’ve worked for. 

As an entrepreneur just like you, I’ve put in hundreds of late nights, early mornings, and lots of Google docs, building my brand.

So I know how scary it can be to think you won’t be able to protect that hard work. You deserve peace of mind, and I’m here to give you exactly that. 

The thing is, reliable, easy-to-understand legal information on protecting your brand isn’t easy to come by. 

I spent years in law school learning how to serve and protect your brand. But you won’t have to spend anywhere near that amount of time with Brandish. 

I’ve packaged years of experience securing federally registered trademarks into an easy-to-understand, step-by-step course that takes you by the virtual hand and guides you through every step of the process.

The best part of it all?

You get easy-to-understand, step-by-step trademark application instructions from a REAL lawyer – without the lawyer price tag. 

BRANDISH has everything you need to DIY your trademark registration application with step-by-step walkthroughs, templates, guides, and videos so you can confidently submit a strong trademark application – in just 7 days.


Module 1 - Introduction to Trademarks
  • Learn what a trademark is and why you should register it with the USPTO
  • Discover the secret ways intellectual property lawyers can tell a trademark registration is worth applying for (and when it’s not)
  • Get a glossary of key trademark terms and concepts you need to know to successfully navigate the process
  • Learn who / what the USPTO and Examining Attorney are and what they do
  • Find out if you technically already have intellectual property protection and the benefits of federal registration
Module 2 - Identify Your Trademark
  • Discover what makes a trademark strong (and what makes them weak) and why it matters
  • Identify ALL of your trademarks and determine what you should register (LLC name? DBA name? Product name? Answers inside)
  • Learn the pros and cons of registering a standard character mark vs a design mark (should you register your name, logo, or both?)
  • Understand exactly what should and should not be included in your trademark
  • Get the answers to other frequently asked questions about what’s actually trademarkable – and what’s not
Module 3 - Prep Your Application
  • Learn how to identify the appropriate goods and services
  • Say goodbye to the confusion of picking the right classes of goods and services for your trademark
  • Understand the different types of applications you can file – and which one is best for your circumstances
  • Learn trademark lawyer hacks on how to conduct a thorough clearance search beyond the USPTO website
  • Assemble a worthy specimen – what it is, examples, what the Examining Attorney will look for, and why specimens are commonly rejected (and how to avoid it)
  • Prep an application for a mark you’re already using or one you intend to use
Module 4 - Over-the-Shoulder Application Submission
  • Get nosey with me and peep over my shoulder as I walk you through how to submit a bombshell of an application from start-to-finish
  • Step inside my brain as I breakdown what each section means – and how you can knock each part out of the park
  • Discover my trademark lawyer secrets to whizzing through the application with ease
  • Hit submit like it’s a “That was easy” button (because it was! Pull out the good wine – you deserve it!)
Module 5 - Post-Submission Party
  • Find out what to expect after you submit your trademark application – including when you’ll hear back from the USPTO
  • Learn why SPAM communication is actually to be expected once you file – and how the USPTO will communicate with you
  • Get the rundown of Statements of Use and extensions and why they’re important
  • Discover the REAL truth about Office Actions – what they are, why you should care, and little-known lawyer tricks for responding to them (including a few real-life example responses!)
  • Get guidance on trademark publication and what to do if your trademark is opposed
Module 6 - Registration Renegade
  • Get a step-by-step breakdown of what you can expect once you have that glorious trademark registration certificate in hand
  • Discover how to amend a trademark – what’s permitted and what isn’t, plus how to submit an amendment
  • Learn the ins and outs of maintaining your trademark, so you don’t lose your rights
  • Determine how to monitor your trademark and enforce your rights – and why trademark registration isn’t just an “OK, I’m done” process
Here’s what a few BRANDISH course members and clients have shared about how easy I make the trademark process:
Brandish is a wonderfully constructed course which will remove the mystery from the trademark process. It is documented very well in easy-to-understand segments. All you need is a little patience and the investment in time to read the excellent notes and watch the videos. This is an excellent course that will save you investing in a cookie-cutter lawyer’s time. You will not be disappointed.
George W.


I’ve been following Aiden for a long time and have never been left with unanswered questions. The trademark webinar was one of my greatest investments. I have successfully filed my application and I couldn’t be more excited. Thank you for all that you are and for being a wealth of knowledge.
Cea R.


Being new to owning a business, I felt overwhelmed and lost. Aiden was able to sort out my questions and gave me real-life examples that helped me make wise decisions. She was patient with me and let me make my own decisions. I never felt pressured. Also, the prices were clear and there were no hidden fees. She completed what I needed done in a timely manner.
Kymberli S.

Former Client

Now BRANDISH isn’t this exclusive club where only the elite and famous online entrepreneurs get to secure trademarks for their products, courses, and services…but there are some requirements for making sure BRANDISH is the lifeline for your trademark woes:


  • You or your business do not have a physical presence in the United States (applicants outside the U.S. must be represented by an attorney)
  • You want to register a special form trademark (sounds, smells, trade dress, etc.)
  • Your goods and/or services are not listed in the USPTO Trademark Identification Manual


  • You/your business have a physical presence in the United States
  • You want to register a standard character word mark (like a business name or tag line)
  • You want to register a design mark (like a logo)
  • You want to register marks that are currently in use
  • You want to register marks that are not yet in use
  • Your goods/services are included in the USPTO Trademark Identification Manual

Get On-Demand Access & File Your Trademark Application In Just 7 Days
No Dripped Content. No Legalese. No Needing to Google for More Answers.

Just Clear, Easy-to-Understand, Step-by-Step Instructions for DIYing Your Trademark Registration
Here’s What YOU Get

Lifetime Access to 6 BRANDISH video modules
18 Video Walkthroughs
25 Worksheets, Templates & PDFs
Trademark Glossary
Pre-Application Guide
Post-Application Guide
Over-the-Shoulder Tutorials
Future Access to Course Updates

BONUS! Discounted 1:1 On-Demand Strategy Session for when you need a trademark lawyer lifeline
BONUS! Cease & Desist Letter Template
BONUS! Consent to Use Name/Likeness Template

DIY Trademark

Save 14%

$497 pay-in-full




Monthly Plan


Three Monthly Payments of



More Than Just a DIY Course:
Get Access to My Exclusive 1:1 Trademark Lawyer Lifeline 
(Available Only to BRANDISH members!)

Now, by no means does this course contain everything there is to know about trademarks. But it gets you pretty darn close to knowing what you need to know to confidently register one.

Everything in this course has been tried, tested, and true. In fact, what you learn in this course is EXACTLY what I do to register my clients’ trademarks daily.

Most lawyers won’t share this process because they’re scared you won’t ever need them if you can do it on your own.

I’m on a mission to make securing your intellectual property more accessible. 

That’s why I’ve packaged all my years of legal training and experience into this course. So you don’t have to go to law school to federally protect your brand or rely on online legal services without knowing what you’re getting yourself into.

Because I’m so passionate about ensuring your success,

BRANDISH comes with discounted 1:1 strategy sessions whenever you get stuck or overwhelmed in the process – so you never have to second-guess any part of the process. 

In fact, I’ve even thrown in another guarantee:

Your 30-Day “No More Overwhelm” BRANDISH Guarantee 

I’m not an Examining Attorney at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, so I can’t guarantee your trademark registration will be approved.

But what I can guarantee is this:

Still feeling overwhelmed and want a lawyer to do it for you? You can switch to my Brand Bombshell done-for-you trademark registration package, minus the price of BRANDISH – as long as you haven’t filed your trademark application within 30 days of purchase.

Pretty sweet, huh?


DIY Trademark

Save 14%

$497 pay-in-full




Monthly Plan


Three Monthly Payments of