Copyrights for Blogs and Social Media Posts

by | Sep 17, 2020 | All Up In Yo' Business, Copyrights, Online Business, Social Media, Trademarks

The United States Copyright Office recently introduced a new option for copyright registration of online written content such as blogs and social media posts. Under the new Group Registration for Short Online Literary Works application (also known as GRTX), an applicant can register at least two and up to 50 separate works with one application and one filing fee.

The Copyright Office will prepare one registration certificate for the entire group and assign one registration number to that certificate, but each work in the group will be registered as a separate work.

What is a Short Online Literary Work?

To qualify as a short online literary work, the work must contain at least 50 and no more than 17,500 words.

To qualify as an online literary work, the work must be first published as part of a website or online platform, such as an online newspaper, social media website, or social networking platform.

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