Diversity and Inclusion in The Workplace

Employment Discrimination, Diversity & Inclusion

by | Jun 24, 2020 | All Up In Yo' Business, Running Your Business

Not discriminating against people and valuing diversity in your business have ALWAYS been important things.

Though, the current climate of our society is bringing these things much more to the forefront, which is good. Including diversity and inclusion practices in your business is an essential element to your business’s success. Not only for legal reasons and business acumen reasons, but for good moral and common sense reasons as well.

In fact, federal law prohibits employment discrimination. Employers cannot discriminate in hiring, firing, or any other aspect of employment based on race, color, sex, age, disability, religion, or national origin. As a matter of fact, as of June 15th, 2020, employers cannot discriminate based on gender identification or sexual preference.

So there are your legal reasons. Now, let’s get into the “good businessperson reasons.”


Racial inequality is a major topic right now. This is causing a lot of businesses to speak about doing better in the area of diversity and supporting anti-racism. However, their actions are not reflecting that. There’s simply no receipts (tangible evidence) of this. Besides not wanting to get “canceled” or called out on this, diversity and inclusion should be included in your organization because it adds value.

After all, diversity and inclusion is something that will always help your business. Learn a few ways to incorporate diversity and inclusion in your business on this week’s episode of All Up In Yo’ Business. Check it out to learn more and hear my personal story about how I incorporate diversity and inclusion in my business. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more All Up In Yo’ Business!


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