Brandish: DIY Trademark Guide

Get the Uncomplicated, Plain-English Guide to
Protecting Your Brand with Trademarks

If we’re being totally honest, this whole trademark thing is confusing, #amirite?

Since you’re reading this, you’re not a complete stranger to the topic. All the online business gurus keep talking about how important it is, but no one’s doing any of the explaining.

Andddd, the questions keep adding up:

What the heck is a trademark?  
Do I really need one? How do I get one?
Is it easy to get? How much does it cost?
Can I do it myself? (Spoiler: Yes!)

And while Google and YouTube have been your trusty companions thus far, they still haven’t made it make sense yet thanks to all that Legalese that no one speaks.

That’s why I’ve taken the confusion, overwhelm and “could you put this in plain English?” out of trademarks and made it all easy inside BRANDISH: DIY Trademark Guide, a free guide that answers your most common trademark questions.

You’ll get a step-by-step breakdown in plain English on these key trademark topics:

✅ Why every business owner needs to consider trademarking 
✅  What can and can’t be trademarked 
✅  When’s the best time to start the trademark application process
✅  What pros and cons there are for hiring an attorney, legal service or DIYing it
✅  A step-by-step breakdown of the typical process

The best part about it is I’ve taken my near decade of experience protecting brands just like yours and packaged it inside this FREE guide.

❌ No Googling or YouTubing.
❌ No asking around in Facebook groups.
❌ No overwhelm, confusion or potential hair-ripping.

Just easy-to-understand guidance on the entire trademark process from beginning to end, written by a REAL lawyer.

Download your FREE Trademark guide
& demystify the trademark process!