Is My Logo A Trademark or Copyright?

by | Jul 9, 2020 | Copyrights, Trademarks

Having a logo for your business is an important element of your business. And protecting your logo with a registered trademark is equally important. In the last episode of All Up In Yo’ Business, we discussed a few things that people commonly think are trademarks but aren’t. I talked about how logos are one of those things that can be protected by copyright AND trademark. As a result of this confusion, let’s dive into which one is best for your business’s logo.

To be brief, here’s some background on the explanation on trademarks and copyrights:

Trademark: trademark law protects words, phrases, designs, and symbols that are used by a business to indicate the source for their goods or services.

Copyright: protects creative and artistic expressions. Preventing anyone (besides copyright holder) from using or distributing the work.

Given these explanations, it’s not uncommon for a logo to be protected by both trademark and copyright law. Though, a creative or artistic element is what qualifies it to be a copyright. Just having common shapes or symbols won’t qualify. A minimal degree of creativity has to be a part of the design.  In short, remembering that familiar designs and common patterns do not qualify as copyright.

Let’s examine my 180 Logo:


It’s a symbol, design, and words. However, it a trademark or a copyright? Catch the new episode of All Up In Yo’ Business to find out.

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