A Lawyer’s Take: Lady Antebellum Vs. Lady A

by | Aug 6, 2020 | Trademarks

Before we get into the lawyer’s take about the trademark issues, let’s start with the back story.

Back in June, the popular country band, Lady Antebellum, decided to change their name to Lady A. They decided it would be a good way to dissociate with the pre-civil war term Antebellum. To their surprise, there is already a musical artist, Anita White, that goes by Lady A and has been since 1987.

After news came out that they were changing their name, Lady A (Anita White), requested a $10 Million payment from them. Yes, you read right. TEN MILLION DOLLARS. This may seem like an outrageous amount of money — and it is — but you have to take into account what this will mean for Lady A. She either has to rebrand or getting buried by this new Lady A. Neither would be inexpensive or favorable to her. Although this seems fairly reasonable considering this, Lady Antebellum wasn’t so willing to pay that amount. So much that they decided to file a lawsuit.

This week on All Up in Yo’ Business we discuss the trademark issue between popular country band once known as “Lady Antebellum” and blues artist known as Lady A. Tune in to see why they filed a lawsuit and what it means for the parties involved. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more All Up In Yo’ Business!


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