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Get Your Legal Needs Taken Care of the Right Way, the First Time

Every dollar that passes through your business is one you’ve worked so hard to generate.

So, when you’re finally ready to do the legal thing, you can’t afford to waste it or to spend it all because your business isn’t on a secure legal foundation.

That’s why here at 180 Law Co., we get all up in yo’ business, so all your legal needs are done right the first time.

Money saved, job done, and business secured.

Trademark Registration & Intellectual Property Protection

With nearly a decade of experience securing federal trademark protection for small businesses, you can trust 180 Law Co. to ensure the brand you’ve worked so hard to build is secured at the highest level of legal protection.

Whether you’re ready to let an experienced professional take your intellectual property needs off your plate or you’d rather DIY it, there’s a way we can help you realize your goals of brand protection.

Every dollar that passes through your business is one you’ve worked so hard to collect.

Done For You – Brand Bombshell

Give your brand the white glove treatment with BRAND BOMBSHELL, our done-for-you, all-inclusive, flat-fee monthly trademark registration program. If you’re committed to your desired trademark or have invested significantly in your brand, this is for you.

Take My Trademark Registration Off My Plate

A La Carte Trademark Services

Considering a few different trademarks? Haven’t started a business yet? Filed your own trademark registration application but need help? Get the flexibility you need for any part of the trademark registration process with our a la carte services:

Trademark Availability: Clearance Search & Opinion Letter

Wondering if you might be infringing on someone else’s brand? We’ll do a 180 on your worry with a deep dive into the USPTO database, common law, social media, domain names, business registrations, and more so you can sleep soundly (or start saving up for a rebrand).

Starts at $1200*

Trademark Registration Application Prep & Filing

The trademark registration application process can be overwhelming and frustrating – that is, if you don’t rely on 180 Law Co. to effortlessly prepare and file a winning application for you!

Starts at $1300 plus USPTO filing fees*

Office Action Response

Truthbomb: the majority of trademark applications will receive an office action (a request from the USPTO requiring additional information or clarification). I’ll respond to the big, complicated ones (“substantive”) plus the routine (“non-substantive”) ones.

Whether it’s a procedural issue like a disclaimer or a substantive refusal like the dreaded likelihood of confusion (AKA your trademark is a bit similar to someone else’s), I’ve got your back.

Starts at $400 for non-substantive and $1,600 for substantive office action responses

DIY Your Trademark Application with Brandish

Discover how to file your own trademark registration application without a lawyer in just 7 days with my DIY Trademark course, BRANDISH.

Learn how to Trademark Without a Lawyer

Business Consulting & Formation

Start your business off on the right legal foot with LLC and corporation formation. If you’re based in Colorado, reach out to me so I can ensure your big idea’s legal T’s and I’s are crossed and dotted.

Business formation services starting at $800

Aiden Durham

Custom Contracts & Terms Of Service

Cover your legal bases with custom contracts designed for your unique online business’s needs. Whether it’s an independent contractor agreement, privacy policies, website terms and conditions, affiliate agreements, or more, you’ll feel confident your brand is protected.

If you’re a Colorado-based business owner, get started here.