Traveling and Working Remotely

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I love to travel. It’s something that helps me helps me relax, re-center and it’s a lot of fun exploring new places. Though as an entrepreneur I had to learn to navigate how to travel and also work on my business. Here are a few steps I implement to working remotely successfully.

First things first, find a backup

You can’t be in two places at once but you can find someone you trust to handle any rising situations while you’re traveling and working remotely. It’ll be best to have someone in your industry or your company be your go-to while away but it can also be someone you trust that cares about your business as much as you. Bonus if they’re all three.

Plan ahead

Give your team and clients a heads up. Let your team and clients know of your travel plans so you can sit down and plan upcoming deadlines for work and delegate duties. By letting clients know you’ll be away they will be aware they won’t get an immediate response from you but can expect when to hear back or who they’ll be hearing back from.

Finish things early

Finishing things earlier will give you peace of mind as well as free up space on your to-do list when you return. You want to enjoy your trip. Not stress or even think about everything that has to be done when you get back. Allow yourself time and space to get a majority of things on your to-do list done.

VPN for security on public networks

VPNs, or virtual private networks, are vital for working remotely. In a nutshell, a VPN creates a secure tunnel between your device and the internet. VPNs are used to protect your activity online from snooping, interference, and censorship. If you work at coffee shops, libraries, co-working spaces, or any place with an unsecured Wifi, a VPN helps keep your connection private. Without it, someone could be reading everything you say and watching everything you do. A VPN can also let you access websites and other data on the internet that you may not otherwise be able to access due to your location.

We are HUGE fans of ExpressVPN. It’s super simple to download and install, and it works on pretty much all of your devices. But more importantly, their security measures are top-notch, and they keep zero connection or activity logs, further ensuring that your data will be protected.

Get 3 months FREE when you sign up for a 12-mo package with ExpressVPN. This is an affiliate link, and we may get a commission if you purchase a product from them. But rest assured that our affiliation has no bearing on my opinion or recommendation of ExpressVPN. I was a fan and customer first.

Portable wifi hotspot:

Having a hotspot is key when traveling. Especially when working remotely. Mobile hotspots essentially act as wifi but don’t use all your cell data. They also provide the ability to work on the go without the need to be confined to one space as you would with wifi which is critical when traveling.

GPS tracking sticker

It’s easy to misplace things while working and traveling. Though losing track of your most valuable items can be cut down when you use a GPS tracking sticker. It helps keep track of your items that are Bluetooth compatible. No more losing a phone while rushing to go to the next attraction!

So travel and work remotely with no stress. What next destination are you working remotely from?




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