Ways To Give Back During The Holidays

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When you think of giving back during the holidays, gifts are usually the first thing that comes to mind. Here are a few gift ideas to consider during the holiday season.
Food Drive: 

Grab a couple of your loved ones or those in your office to start a food drive to give back during the holidays. Collect some cans and start raising for a good cause or decide to do it virtually. Collecting cans may be hard or you may not have the time to run by the store to grab the cans. That’s when making a donation virtually will come in handy. You can find tips on how to throw a successful food drive from Feed America here.


Lend a Helping Hand to Those Close to you:

Maybe your close friends are overdue for a date night and you can help them out by babysitting. Your older neighbor may need help shoveling their driveway with all the snow and salt this holiday season. You may have great editing skills that would be good for those in your life on a career change. Helping out doesn’t always have to do with monetary donations but lending a helping is a great way to give back during the holidays.


Donating clothes, shoes or giving food during the holidays is great. Though donating your time can be great as well. Reading to local schools, volunteering at a shelter or spending time with the elderly at a local nursing home can all be ways to give back during the holidays if you’re looking for an alternate way to give this holiday season.

Host a Holiday Party

During the year it can get really busy with balancing work and life. So why not schedule some time where you and your loved ones can relax and have a good time? No need to put pressure on having some extravagant holiday party. Text a few friends, grab a couple of snacks and have your loved ones come over to wind down and catch up. Maybe even watch a movie but simply just spend time together.

No matter how you decide to give back the holidays, make sure you’re filling your cup too.  Happy holidays from 180 Law Co!




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