What I Do - Business Law

Knowledge Is Power

The more you know about the legal intricacies and responsibilities involved in starting and operating a business, the more empowered you will be to succeed. And empowered is exactly how I want you to feel. As a licensed business attorney in Colorado, I have the knowledge and broad experience to help you get there.

How I Can Help

What Can I Do for You?

Starting and operating a business is much more complex than simply publishing a website or hanging a shingle outside a door. Adherence to existing business laws protects you, your financial investments, and your personal assets, while diminishing risk and opening the door to long-term success.

The legal services I provide for your business are going to help you achieve that. If you’re a Colorado business owner or entrepreneur, you can turn to me for:

  • Incorporation/LLC formation: Corporation, partnership, limited liability partnership (LLP), or limited liability company (LLC)? I’ll help you determine the best business structure for your company.
  • Compliance consulting: Complex laws mandate regulations and policies regarding financial services, safety and health laws, and more. I’ll ensure you’re adhering to these.
  • Residential & commercial leases: With a thorough knowledge of Colorado law, I can help you negotiate, draft, or review residential and commercial leases to prevent issues before anyone signs on the dotted line.
  • Buy-sell agreements: For sole proprietors, partners, or closed corporations, I can draft a buy-sell agreement that divides business shares among proprietors, partners, or shareholders.
  • Employee agreements: These include confidentiality agreements, non-compete agreements, and trade secret agreements, which I will prepare to help protect your business assets.
  • Stock transfer agreements: Also known as a stock purchase agreement, I can provide you with this protection when purchasing or selling stock in your company.
  • LLC operating agreements: I will prepare this document tailored specifically to your business, detailing the financial and functional decision-making structure in your LLC.
  • Corporate bylaws: This document serves multiple purposes including defining your corporation’s purpose, operational rules, shareholder and owner rights, names officers and directors, and more. I will assist you in creating this important document to establish concrete rules about how your business will be run.
  • Trademark & copyright registration: These days, protecting your intellectual property is more vital than ever. I will assist you through this often-complex process.
  • Real estate LLCs: To protect your real estate assets, liabilities, ownership transfer, and acquisitions, you can turn to me to prepare your Real Estate LLC.
  • Service agreements: By drafting agreements with service providers such as contractors, suppliers, or vendors, I’ll help ensure your business gets what you pay for.
  • Asset purchase agreements: I’ll help you draft the details of final terms and conditions of purchase and sale of your company’s assets.
  • Social media law: Providing you with guidance on mapping out your company’s social media plan while staying within the laws laid down by the FTC.

Here for You When You Need Me

Not only will you reach me when you call the office, but you also always have access to The Virtual Law Office, an online portal at which you can easily receive updates on your case, initiate a new legal matter, send or receive documents, ask questions, and view or pay your invoice. And because it’s online, you can engage with me 24/7.

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