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Protecting Your IP

Protecting Your Brand with Trademarks

Protecting Your Brand with Trademarks

You’ve worked hard to develop your brand. You’ve created a product or developed a service that is unique. You’ve invested time, money, and your reputation on building your business. Your intellectual property—your distinctive logo, tagline, package design, even your product name—are at the heart of your company. Don’t leave those precious items vulnerable.

Guard your business with the help of a dedicated business and branding attorney. Reach out to me, Aiden Durham, to discuss how we can use trademarks to protect your brand.

Streamlining the Trademark Process

There’s no doubt you need to trademark your brand. The only question is, “how?”

The trademark application process is complex. If you’ve never gone through it before, it can be both confusing and frustrating. Whether you’re currently using your trademark in commerce or simply have the intent to use, I can clear up the confusion for you.

I streamline the process of trademark application, seeking the broadest amount of protection possible. I start with a search of the registry to see if your trademark is available. Once I’ve determined if it is, I follow up with comprehensive trademark applications, completing them and filing them on your behalf.

I’ll monitor your application during the review process, responding to any office actions and advising you on what actions to take.

Streamlining the Trademark Process
Do You Really Need a Trademark?

Do You Really Need a Trademark?

Not fully convinced you need to trademark your intellectual property? Consider these questions before making your final decision:

  1. Is your brand image important to you? You’ve worked hard to establish your brand reputation as one of quality, but what if an inferior competitor steals your logo? You run the risk of brand confusion with a substandard product and a tarnished reputation as a result.
  2. Are your customers brand loyal? Your distinctive brand stands out from the competition, making it easier for your customers to find you on the shelf. Loss of brand loyalty will negatively impact your bottom line.
  3. Does your brand name drive traffic? Customers who know your distinctive brand name or logo will utilize that in an internet search. The last thing you want is for them to land at a copycat site.
  4. Would you lose business if you had to change your name? You’ve invested a lot to build brand equity. If someone else trademarks your name before you, would you confuse or even lose customers if your brand had to undergo a name change?
  5. Can your business afford to pay damages to a competitor? If you haven’t performed due diligence and established that the name your brand carries isn’t infringing upon a competitor, you could be held liable for damages.

Leaving No Room for Confusion

Still feeling confused about intellectual property and trademarks? You’re not alone! To help clear up the confusion, I’ve explored many topics specific to trademarks in my YouTube series, All Up In Yo’ Business. Feel free to watch any or all of these videos to learn more!

The Time to Start Is Now

Your business’s brand—your intellectual property—is too valuable to leave it vulnerable to theft or costly litigation. The time to start a trademark application is now. Pick up the phone and call me today at (720) 379-3425 or send me an email to schedule your initial consultation. I look forward to speaking with you!