Starting Your Business with Aiden Durham

Starting Your Business

Setting Up for Success

You may just have the next breakthrough product or in-demand service, but if you don’t have the legal know-how of a business attorney to help you forge ahead, your business could fall flat.

Fortunately, you’ll find the knowledge and experience you need to make sure your business starts off on the right foot here with me, Aiden Durham.

For entrepreneurs and business owners who want to take their business where they want it to go, I’ll show you the steps you need to take right from the start. Reach out to me for help with:

Business Entity Choice

Most new business owners are not sure which entity choice is right for their enterprise. For example, while both corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs) limit the liability of the owners or shareholders from business debts, there is a vast difference in how they are established. The amount of time and money needed to set these up vary, as do tax benefits for each. I will review your business structure and help you determine the best entity choice for your business. For more information on Business Entity, view my video tutorial here.

Personal Liability Protection

Business owners are wise to make sure their personal assets are separate from their business. Working with you, I will review what you can do to keep your own income, house, or other businesses from obligation in the event of a lawsuit against your business or from a court “piercing the corporate veil” (i.e., holding owners or shareholders liable) for corporate debts.

What to Expect When You Work With me

Come on Board—What to Expect When You Work With me

The process of working with me is simple, yet thorough. We’ll begin with an initial phone consultation to determine if your needs and my services are a good match.

I’ll follow up that call with information on a menu of service packages and flat-fee arrangements available to you.

After you’ve chosen the best package for your needs, I’ll send on an agreement along with a questionnaire. The questionnaire will give me an in-depth look into your company, background and legal needs.

As we move forward, I’ll maintain contact with you, either directly or through The Virtual Law Office, an online portal you can easily access for updates on your case, to send or receive documents, ask questions, view or pay your invoice, or even initiate a new legal matter. Best of all, because it’s online, you can engage with me 24/7.

Most importantly, I want you to feel that I’m on your side, in your corner, and here for you when you need me.

Learn What You Need to Know to Succeed

I believe knowledge is power. That’s why I’ve put together a library of topics specifically related to legal processes and procedures that business owners often have questions about.

Find more videos on my blog!

Why 180 Law Co. When Online Services Are Available?

As is often the case, you get what you pay for. While many legal documents are available for purchase online at discounted fees, they don’t provide you with the legal guidance and expertise necessary to make them applicable to your unique business. When it comes to making sure your business is legally protected, you need the services of a professional attorney specializing in business law.

What’s more, at 180 Law Co., my fees are transparent and upfront, with no surprises. Basic document fees online might seem economical, but additions you may need will cost extra and will likely go beyond what your budget can support.

Finally, cobbled-together legal forms and documents riddled with mistakes mark your business as an amateur endeavor. The competence and professionalism that a business attorney brings to your enterprise demonstrates to the marketplace that you mean business!

Why 180 Law Co.

Start Here, Start Now

As an entrepreneur, you’re a special breed. And while you tend to be a risk taker, taking chances with your business success is something you simply don’t want to do.  Starting here and now, commit to your company by engaging the essential legal services available from 180 Law Co.

Schedule your initial consultation by calling me today at (720) 379-3425 or connecting with me online.