When starting your business it can be difficult to know, which comes first between a trademark or LLC. It’s no surprise that there a lot of things that go into starting and running your business. In other words, there’s a lot of steps and action items that need to be taken. It can be confusing in figuring out the proper order in doing all of these things. Due to that, a lot of questions arise! The big one being:

“Do I get a trademark or LLC first when starting my business?”

Of course, this question does not only apply to LLCs; same goes for corporations and other business entities, too. So when starting a business, which one do you form first, a trademark or LLC? As with most things, there’s no one right answer. It all is dependent upon your situation and circumstances. Though generally speaking, I recommend forming the business first. Getting an LLC first before filing for your trademark is typically the best way to go. Why? Well, the trademark is going to be owned by someone and normally we’d want the LLC to be the owner. For instance, if we file the application for the trademark first, the LLC doesn’t exist yet. It can’t be an applicant and the owner of the trademark. You, the individual would be at that point. Find out why you’d want to avoid doing that on this episode of All Up In Yo’ Business.

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